100 Drawings Mission


This project is about communication with a mass audience through modern means.  An impact of successful art is to create a dialogue between the artist and the viewer.  The conversation evolves as the viewers discuss the impact of the work with each other.  The open exchange of ideas between people is what breaks down fears and neurosis that are created by modern society and projected by the empty and fearful who live for power alone.

I hope that all of you will find some connection with one or more of the drawings or writings I will be creating over the course of the next four and a half months.  I also hope that you will then write about your connection or response to that piece.  I hope that you will revisit the site and see what others have felt.  And I hope that you will begin to share new ideas with each other, and it will then be my pleasure that a simple drawing could have begun this very real dialogue.

And this is one way that we progress as humans.

Once the 100 drawings have been completed selections will be exhibited in New York City and Upstate,New York.  I hope that many, if not all of you will be able to unite at one or both of these events.

Feel free to pass these expressions along to any who might be interested, inspired, relieved, disgusted or impacted in any way out of the ordinary.  Some of us need it.  I need it every night.

If you would like to be put on the daily mailing list feel free to contact me at minotauremac@gmail.com.

Greg MacAvoy